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About us - our services
Airport parking UK is an online network that offers you services of booking and securing your parking lot at the airport car park near the airport you use. The services are offered for more than 70 airports, 20 of those are big airports located all across the United Kingdom. Through our website you can obtain any kind of information about all the car parks we offer, like prices, available parking lots, level of security and other.
Our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and we take an important part in securing your car and making sure it gets the highest security possible. Our assistants are always available to answer your questions through the call center and you can always get information about the status of your car and available parking lots.
The services that we include in our offer are as following. After finding and booking the right parking place in an airport car park near the airport you are traveling from, we make sure it stays free. When you arrive there you won't have to park your car by your own, but you will have the possibility if the car park allows that. Many do not, because by only allowing the valets to park the cars, the security level stays higher. Once you car is parked and it is made sure that everything is ok, you can go on your flight. In case the period you are away changes, we are here to help and extend the booked period, so you don't have to worry about anything that is happening with your car. It is of high importance for us to give you the feeling of security and to offer you the best places to leave your car at. That is why you can also book by calling our call center, in case you don't prefer to book via internet.